15 May 2007

Step on through to the other side

Enough social/political commentary for a day. Let's have some fun shall we??

Now let me express my complete amazement at the fact that technology in the world today just keeps getting smaller. There's no deep underlying statement that goes along with this, just the fact that I am completely shocked that people are spending hundreds of dollars (Pounds, Euros, Yen, etc...) to make tv shows, movies and music videos available to them every second of the day. Take for instance this Verizon V-cast phone (Shown above). With this phone and similar models you can watch Fox's Prisonbreak on a screen less than 2" large.

Now, call me ignorant, old-fashioned, or just plain crazy, but can people not wait for things these days?? With things like TiVo and other popular DVRs available why is it so necessary to catch up on the latest episode of ABC's LOST on the 20 minute commute on the 3 train in Manhattan?

Personally speaking, I think having the constant availability of these videos et. al. is more of a novelty and is a true waste of time. I feel like much is being missed on a 2" screen rather than your nice 27" or larger (or smaller) screen at home. Now, again, maybe I'm just a little old-fashioned, but this "media snacking" as some are calling it, is just absurd. Sure....I'm for watching Coldplay's live at Madison Square Garden performance of "Miss You" but I've never been in a time or place where I had to have it right this second and pulled it up on my iPod nano.

Also, I feel like a lot of people are spending time away from news, periodicals, and other living humans while they are almost minutely submersed in the small-screen of today.

I must admit, however, that in the midst of all my ranting, that to have access to up-to-the-minute sports highlights is a little fancy and a lot of nice. But not worth a phone that you can buy used on eBay for $499.


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