22 October 2007

We're not gonna take it. No!

Ok, so I rarely chime in on college football. Or - for that matter - college sports in general. But this weekends match up between Alabama and Tennessee was beautiful. A picturesque day in Tuscaloosa. 75 degrees. No clouds. Slight breeze. I gathered all this from what they said on TV, anyway.

But what a showing the Crimson Tide had. A relatively young team with a new coach and facing a few new disciplinary issues with some key players. They played the game so well. Well enough to have given the best team in our nation (which is who, by the way?) a full run for their money. Oh man I loved watching that slimeball, Phil Fulmer, cringe the way he did all day long.

The Tide showed poise, strength and JP Wilson showed he can certainly connect with his receivers. It was just fantastic.

Speaking of "who's the best team in the nation?" question. Who is? Who knows? The BSC is completely jacked up. Number 1 doesn't necessarily mean they are No. 1. Now teams who had no shot at a national title are in close running for the post-season No. 1 ranking. It's been interesting to watch and I think the bowl season will be really crazy, but pretty exciting.

Roll Tide!


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