05 February 2008

I Can't Speak For Myself

Apple's done it again. Done something fantastic, that's going to utterly frustrate the market. They upped the iPod touch from only 8GB and 16GB to include the new 32GB model. And for the same price they were charging for the 16GB previously.

I do understand these moves in technology, but it is slightly frustrating. It's just a good thing that I've come to expect this. I am completely sold on the iPod touch. It's the most amazing multimedia player ever created. But I knew that I needed to wait until they increased storage. And now they have. But, should I wait now for prices to decrease? Because they're going to. $500 is a bit steep for an iPod. Even an awesome one. I think I need to wait for the next step before fully committing. I just know if I buy now then I will be one of the millions of frustrated consumers.

But don't waste your time listening to me rant about this. Go watch the demo video on apple.com. The iPod touch is fantastic.


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