15 January 2008

Big Nothing

Today Apple (aka Steve Jobs) introduced the world to the Macbook Air. And once again Apple is on the cutting edge of technological innovation. However, I'm always the skeptic. Always. And to me this seems like more of a novelty product than a practical, functional machine. I really do hope it's not a flash in the pan like the Apple Cube was.

The product as a whole is really cool. It's so small and light and the idea of compressed technology is great. Heck, I love my iPod shuffle. It's the best. But in order to have this compressed technology you give up certain luxuries of larger pieces of equipment. With the iPod shuffle, I don't have a screen or much control over much of the music for that matter. And with the Macbook Air, you give up certain things in order to have the new petite laptop. Things like a CD drive, meaning no uploading CDs for music and no watching DVDs.

It will however communicate with any other computer (both mac and pc) which is great, but, all in all, it seems like more of a novelty product than anything super-practical.

It sure would be amazing to travel with, though.


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