19 December 2007

I see it

The votes are in and it's a landslide. I could not be more thrilled about Congress stepping up to really make auto makers make some freaking changes and soon. The vote, 314-100, will now go directly to the White House for approval on making all cars have an MPG rating of 35mpg by 2020.

Congress is making sense on something right now and that's a breath of fresh air. I have full confidence in the White House to approve this and, even though auto makers will be pissy about it, I feel that they'll see this as a good thing as well.

Now the oil men. They might raise a couple of fists about this. And it leads me to wonder what the motivation for the 100 nay-sayers was to try to prevent this from passing. Connection to Exxon? Vested interest in international oil? Who knows, but it smells rotten and I'm so glad to see them get shot down.


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