03 December 2007

White Tooth Man

PTL is all I have to say about the responsible voters in Venezuela. President Hugo Chávez was making a major push to vote "Yes" to amend their constitution, allowing him to be elected President as long as he wishes to run - an amendment similar to the ones made to the Cuban constitution allowing Castro to remain in power so long. This amendment, among others, apparently did not fly with the Venezuelan citizens and for that I am thankful.

Chávez is slightly (if not completely) maniacal and extremely power hungry. Not to mention he hates so many other countries and national leaders, yet neglects to be diplomatic enough to respond to requests for international meetings to discuss resolving the issues of his ire.

Chávez does, however, love Sean Penn. They met a couple of months ago to talk about their shared hate for the US and George Bush. I could go on about this for some time, but I'll refrain.

Let's just leave it at the fact that I am proud of Venezuela for speaking their voice in a vote (that was un-constitutional in itelf) to not change their national constitution.


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