27 November 2007

Save the World

I must admit that, after what was a stunner (and I mean that is a good way) of a first season, the NBC hit show, Heroes, has been in a steady decline during this second season. It's completely obvious that the show has lacked a strong, interesting story line comparable to the first season. Even the shows creator and executive producer Tim Kring offered an apology for the struggling story and lack of intensity and excitement.

There is one episode left for this season and, personally speaking, it better be perfect. It better answer a lot of questions and see a lot of the, still-lingering, weak characters disappear.

I do appreciate when a show's creators know that it's not fairing so well, but it just surprises me that with a strong cast and a great (potential) story to build on, that you can't keep making greatness with it. But, alas, they have not and my love affair with, what was a great TV show during it's first season, may be over after the second if things don't really shape up. And quick.

Oh and don't think that LOST isn't on thin ice with me as well. I'm actually glad that they've had a long off season, because they really need to get it together after the train wreck that was the third season.


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