23 October 2007

Make your way to the well

It's been so horrible watching the fires in southern California. Hot days, dry Santa Ana winds and no rain in sight are making this a force to reckon with. Nearly 300,000 people have been evacuated from homes and businesses. The San Diego Chargers canceled their practice yesterday because over half of the team was dealing with having to evacuate their families from their homes.

It's been declared a state of emergency in California and is looking to cost millions in damages. And I'm sure there are many Nobel Peace Prize winners who are going to raise their voice about how global warming is the cause, but seriously, we've dealt with widespread fires in our nation for decades, nay, centuries and many times before the whole "the earth is melting" craze started.

I do think it's a horrible situation and I hope that rain will come and that the firefighters receive a lot of support.

Pray for rain.


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