27 November 2007

Fall back

According to the newest UN Annual Table and THIS article Iceland (pictured above) has overtaken Norway as the world's most desirable place to live. Iceland, Norway and Australia are the three top countries. Following them were Canada and Ireland (really? Ireland?). But I guess the results come from an objective measure of life expectancy, education levels and real, per-capita income, among other things.

The US dropped this year from 8th to 12th. The report shows that a decreasing life expectancy in the US played a major role in its decline (I'd like to first thank all the fast food chains, creative marketing and horrible parenting for this honor).

Anyway. As I've been reading and watching a lot about Iceland lately (mostly with the new release of the Heima DVD) it's cool to see a very cool, stable and uniquely great country get such a recognition. Now I just need to go backpack the country/island and see it for myself.


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