28 November 2007

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According to this ABCnews.com article people who are overweight can help themselves shed the unwanted pounds simply by standing more during the day, rather than sitting so much.

Researchers claim that the enzymes needed to help break down fat quicker simply shut down when we sit. And while that's a very important thing to take note of I think a valid point stands in that there are millions of people who do sit all day and still maintain amazing health.

I suggest that, instead of standing more and sitting less in our adult years, we focus more on not feeding ourselves too much crap and being lazy in the years preceding our "I'm an adult and work 40 hours a week at a desk" years.

I just think it could be faulty for people to think that they can still eat fast food four times a week and not do any exercise and simply stand a few extra minutes a day to offset their horrible lifestyle. We are such a lazy-minded country (personal opinion warning). I hate it.


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