04 December 2007


Ok here goes. Last night was the season finale of the NBC show Heroes. This was a show that arrived late last year and many viewers were very leery about how it was going to turn out. Many people thought it was going to be an X-Men rip-off. Others thought is was just going to be a cheesy show that only comic book nerds were going to enjoy. The show, however, surprised viewers and critics alike. It was great. The storyline was interesting. The development of characters was fun and relate-able. The conflict of good vs. evil was what most viewers want out of a show that tells of the lives of people with super powers.

I've mentioned this before, but it was the sleeper hit of last year. Not one episode was boring or lacked good story or characters.

The second season has been the biggest drag. The new characters were completely lame. The "conflict" was good vs. better. Not good vs. evil, like the first season so strongly told. The stories and sub-plots were boring and dragged on for more episodes than anyone needed. Even the show's creator issued a public apologized for the lack of a good show this season.

Needless to say, the second season did not impress me and, at times, bored me. Like I typically do with shows where I have a connection to its characters and story, I held out hope that the season would end on a high note. This was not the case.

The season finale was a let down. The characters the show had been hyping to kill off, were completely inconsequential and will not affect the large part of the story. They character I wished they would kill off the most simply flew away to the tears of his angry and vindictive cheerleader girlfriend.

The show left us with a glimpse of the third season which will be titled "Villains." I am still holding out a little hope for the third season to come back strong. The fact that the creator knows the show's been weak will hopefully inspire them to really push the limits to find greatness again. We'll have to wait till 2008 to find out, so I'll put this one to bed for some time.


At 5:12 AM, December 05, 2007 , Blogger Marsha said...

I love this show. I agree this years is not as good as last year. I hated the way the season finale ended


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