09 January 2008

It Escapes Real Life

It appears that if you shed a few tears then Democratic women in New Hampshire will make a last-minute decision to vote for you in their primary. Such is the case with Sen. Hillary R. Clinton. A statistic was presented on FoxNews last night (that's right FoxNews). It was interesting to hear that in a poll taken yesterday that over 40% of voters decided to change their vote in favor of Clinton just before entering the voting booths. Does empathy play into it? It's pretty clear that it does.

Another funny thing I read today was on Clinton's strategy. According to This New York Times article, Clinton has boldly adopted Obama's "Change" theme, which has seemed to work elsewhere in the US, but has criticized Obama in his approach to change. This is similar to what Bush did in 2000 when he adopted John McCain's "Reform" theme after its initial success, then criticized the Senator's stance on Reform.

So from what I'm seeing, the key to Primary success is to cry a little, criticize a lot and then find what's been successful for others, use the already established success and blatantly criticize others for the exact same thing you're using to garner votes. Genius.


At 10:27 AM, January 09, 2008 , Blogger Lacey said...

i found her tears to be a bit forced and awkward.

you are so right, though. this is going to be an interesting 11 months.


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