07 May 2008

I Have The Napkins To Dry Your Eyes

Does he have it? Pundits are saying 'yes.' Clinton is bleeding money...even going so far as donating upwards of $5 million to her own campaign. And with a hefty win in North Carolina and a close call in Indiana, it appears that it may be the end of the road for Clinton. At least I hope so.

And all the while McCain is sitting back comfortably and watching the Dems make the GOP look like the most tame and cordial party ever.

Pray for the people of Burma. With more than 23,000 confirmed deaths and much more damage to homes, businesses and farms, this is yet another disaster that's simply heart wrenching. And, I know it's technically called Myanmar, but I was born in 1980 and it's Burma to me. Just pray for that nation, will you?


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