31 March 2008

God Only Knows

A great article from pastemagazine.com is a ode to the official opening day of Major League Baseball. A highlight of the article is the Ricky Henderson haikus. See them below:

Written in 2005, with "a little special help from Pabst Blue Ribbon..."

Rickey Henderson
Thank you for ending career
It was beyond time

Rickey is not here
Please call Rickey back later
Is what Rickey said

No one to talk to?
Maybe talk to yourself now
In the third person

You are not Lou Brock
You have stolen more bases
But, not cool like Lou

Back in ‘89
Your first World Series title
Man, you were old then

Finally retired
World Series of Poker now
To keep you busy

You wore blade glasses
Long before they were deemed cool
Fashion pioneer

Do you know the way
To the baseball old folks home
Let me show you now

When you were drafted
Ford was U.S. president
I was fucking five!


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