28 February 2008

Until You're Gone

Looks like the St Louis Cardinals finally made the cut. The released Scott Spiezio - the Cards former utility man - not for his slipping performance in 2007, but because he has six warrants out for his arrest. Among those warrants are DUI (or DWI depending on what state you're in), Hit and Run and Assault with a weapon that is not a firearm.

Seriously? Who does that? Well...save the DUI, because that is all the rage in professional sports these days (sadly a lot in the Cardinals organization), but hit and run and assault? What is going on. When you make over $2 million a year and you're getting yourself involved in these things, then I can only hope the worst for you. I'm sorry. I cannot bite my tongue on this. This is asinine and unacceptable in the world in general, but *especially* in the world of US professional sports. I really don't know what else to say, except I hope justice is served.


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