19 February 2008

Speed Up! Speed Up.

This weekend I was in Chicago (a fantastic city that I will recommend to anyone for a visit). I was unlucky enough to stumble into the AMC movie theater with some down time just in time to catch the latest comic book flick, "Jumper." It was the lesser of five evils. Come on...what was I going to do? Go see "27 Dresses?"

"Jumper" as a whole was pretty horrible. Hayden Christiansen, Rachel Bilson (of The OC fame) and Sam Jackson were the cast and were surprisingly boring, dull, dry and lacked any sense of personality. The script was pretty poor as well. The dialog was slow. I mean slow. The plot never developed. The characters turned from weak to weaker as the movie progressed. And the general idea of teleporting or "jumping" (see, you get it now), although interesting, is extremely gratuitous in this film.

The movie was left with a MASSIVE (note a tone of sarcasm here) cliffhanger. Literally, Sam Jackson's character was left standing on the edge of a cliff. It left the option of a sequel or a three-quel. Not recommended.

Personal recommendation: Do *not* go see this movie. Don't even rent it. Seriously.


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