11 February 2008

You Don't Need An Illusion

A lot of stuff is going on right now. First (and possibly the most exciting) is the writer's strike of 2007/2008 is officially over. The writers and "Hollywood" have made amends and now the shows we love that involve writers can come back on air (like The Office) and reality shows can dwindle. If I have to see one more ad for Big Brother 11 or 12 or whatever, I may throw up. Literally barf.

Other shows, like LOST, can extend beyond the eight episodes they had planned for this season. I haven't talked much about LOST, because I was left a little disapointed after last season ended, but I'm starting to see the show answer a lot of questions that were lingering and the character development is a lot better. I recently read an amazing theory of the overall idea of what the Island is and where they are. It can be read HERE.

Also in the world today (or yesterday) was the Grammys. Typically I watch the big awards shows, just to know what movies and TV shows I *should* be watching and what music I *should* be listening to. And typically the events are not really that excited. But last night's Grammys was fantastically done. And it was particularly refreshing to see Herbie Hancock win Album of the Year. That is one talented and deserving man. Not to say that the other nominees are not deserving or talented, but Hancock is a neck above the rest.

Amy Winehouse is also a deserving winner. Aside from her public antics and clearly fragile state, her record "Back to Black" is seriously amazing.

Also in the world - er....the US - the Presidential race is getting extremely interesting. Hilary has fired her campaign manager. Oops...I mean she "stepped down." After Clinton getting crushed by Obama this weekend, I'm sure she just "stepped down."
More like she got tossed to the curb.

CNBC made me laugh with their quote that Hilary is "pimping out" her daughter, Chelsea to help garner votes in states where votes are needed. Simply funny.

There's much more to discuss. Huckabee winning more states, Ron Paul raising insane amounts of money independently and how Stephen Colbert is the funniest TV pundit ever. But I lack the energy. Let's discuss sometime in person, shall we?


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