28 February 2008

Put Your Faith In Modesty

Again, ANOTHER STORY - amidst the thousands of regurgitated news stories out there - that makes me proud of companies like Google.

Granted, this story is nothing short of an amazing press release, but is a fantastic idea for how to reach out to and improve the quality of life among our nation's homeless community.

To paraphrase the story, Google is providing a local phone number and voicemailbox for every homeless person in San Francisco for as long as they choose to use it. This provides a way for people to be reached by potential employers, doctors offices, family and friends. The hope is that this will boost the quality of life in the city and boost the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of the homeless in the city.

If the plan proves successful, Google will look to expand the project into other US cities.

This entire idea is fantastic. Such a well-thought idea and a practical solution for improvement. Well done Google.


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