06 March 2008

And So It Is..

Ok, so I may be the only one, but I just really don't like Vampire Weekend. I didn't like them before they were being hyped by every hipster in Urban Outfitters and every commercial break on Mtv. However, I think I may like them even less with all this hype surrounding them.

I feel like they have some decent melodies, but melodies that are regurgitated from old Belle & Sebastian songs. Some songs and instrumentation is a little *too* indie for my tastes. I can't really describe it. Maybe a little too....gratuitous. Maybe, just a little.

I have been really enjoying Thrice's "The Alchemy Index: Vol 1 and 2." I'm excited for the third and fourth volumes. Particularly check out their song "Digital Sea." It's awesome.

And a little late in the game (because I just bought the record), the New Pornographer's record "Challengers is pretty awesome. No, really. It is.


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