28 July 2008

Worst Case Scenario

This weekend was the weekend. I saw "The Dark Knight." In IMAX, no less. I will say this, though. IMAX is sometimes a bit overwhelming in that you have to move your head so much just to make sure you catch everything on that giant screen.

(Insert Personal Opinion Here:)Anyway, I will be very forthright in saying that I think this movie is second to none. It not only holds up as the pinnacle of superhero films (sorry Stan Lee), but I really feel that this movie is one of the best I've seen this year. Everything about it is top notch.

The movie was perfectly (re) cast, the cinematography, the special effects and the script - done by the amazing Nolen brothers - was intense, action-packed, thrilling, emotional and extremely logical; something I assume is hard to pull off that well for a pre-existing superhero storyline.

I've heard some complaints about the low-pitched and, at times, indistinguishable voice of Christian Bale as Batman (not Bruce Wayne), but I feel like it's perfectly fitting, especially considering that Bruce Wayne is a well-spoken, very personable business man. I felt that Bale's changing of voice for Batman greatly separated the superhero from the socialite billionaire.

I don't want to rave on to a point of being redundant (have I done that already?), but I do want to encourage anyone who hasn't, to go see this film ASAP. And leave me feed back as to your thoughts about it. I'm curious to see what you thought.


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