21 July 2008

I can just forget....everything said

What a great weekend. A four-day weekend, at that. Well, four days in the eyes of my beloved St Louis Cardinals. A rare, four-game sweep, beating the Padres of San Diego put the Cards 15 games above .500. And all this with a team of injury-plagued players and players who some said *might* be good back up outfielders.

But LaRussa's, done it again. He's taken a team that few gave high hopes and coached them to greatness. Not to say there haven't been rough patches, but this is baseball, people. In a season of over 100 games played in different cities, in different ballparks and in different climates, one cannot expect a team to go without the occasional slump.

And to add to all of this, LaRussa started this season (and continues to) dealing with the ramifications of his off-season DUI (or is it DWI....ugh, I digress). This is something that can shake most if not legally pull them from their daily obligations. LaRussa has stood strong and taken this like a man. And, oh yeah, did I mention they are 15 games over .500.

I guess to be objective I should point out that anyone can boast about something they're passionate about. But to be equally fair I am boasting about a team that I'm passionate about that also happens to be really good.

Anyhow. Who finds it ironic that in a post about american baseball my subject if from a band called American Football?


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