27 June 2008

Yeah I think I love you for it..

It's Friday and there's not a whole lot going on. There's a lot of little things happening, though. Clinton (the Mrs.) is campaigning with and for Obama in New Hampshire today. Famed and foul-mouthed comedian, George Carlin, passed away this week leaving a legacy of spitting in the face of censors and dashes of comedic brilliance. The price of oil rose again, creeping slightly over $140 a barrel (Can oil companies actually declare a war? Ask Vice President, Dick Cheney). The latest Angelina Jolie action / thriller, "The Matrix" arrived in theaters today. Wait a second......I'm being told that it's actually *not* "The Matrix" but, in fact, a new movie titled "Wanted." Either way don't go see it.

Wow. that was too many words to say that it's been a far less than interesting week. However, National Geographic has come to the rescue. According to rumors (and the National Geograpic website and dozens of news outlets worldwide) Tomorrow, 28 June 2008, Sigur Ros and Bjork will be playing an outdoor show live from Iceland in protest of naturally reserved land being built over by energy companies.

So what does National Geographic have to do with anything, silly? Well, wise guy, they are actually broadcasting the performance live on their website. It begins at 3:00 pm EST. That's 7:00 pm GMT (time for tea, no?).

Aside from the fact that they are playing in order to express a most admirable national pride, I will get to see Sigur Ros perform some old classics and some of their new songs from "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust." Have I mentioned that you should own this record as soon as possible? Well, I am on the record as saying so.

You can thank me later.


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