10 June 2008

All Alright

I may or may not have a leaked version of the new Sigur Ros record Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. But that's neither here nor there. What you can do is head to THEIR WEBSITE to stream the entire album. Be patient. It's lengthy, but worth every minute you can possibly invest in the album.

On the record you'll hear a completely different Sigur Ros than the epic efforts of "Takk" " ( )" and "Ágætis byrjun." The record, however, does not lack any bit of epic-ness (that's right. I'm using that as an adjective). Standout tracks such as Ára bátur will leave you speechless. Within the nine minutes of the track a beautifully imperfect song is expressed only to end with a powerfully orchestrated climax to make you envious of yourself for even being able to listen to such an amazing song.

But allow yourself some time to really digest every song. With the opener, 'Gobbledigook' you'll hear a different, more rhythmic, Sigur Ros than you may have ever heard. And this is the first time that the band ventured outside of their home of Iceland to record parts of the record in New York as well as Jamaica. Personally, I feel that the influences of being in different places comes through very vividly in certain tracks.

And let me prepare you (in case you haven't heard) that the closing track, 'All Alright' is completely sung in English; a first for the band whose lyrics have been entirely sung in Icelandic (maybe Hopelandic on " () ").

All in all, this record is nothing short of amazing. An expected result from this band. I can't recommend this album enough. It's beautiful, refreshing and inspiring.


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