19 May 2008

Hey, Let's Cross The Sea And Get Some Culture

First and foremost I'd like to congratulate myself as this is my 300th post on this blog. It only took three years and lots of news, movies, books, music and gossip to get to this point. There may have been some cynical opinion sprinkled in there.

Now, on to the reason for this post. Prince Caspian, the second (written) book in the famous C.S. Lewis series The Chronicles of Narnia. The movie brings back the four characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Lucy, Peter, Ed and Susan Pevensie to find themselves in Narnia at the call of Prince Caspian, the heir to the throne of the Telmarines.

In my honest opinion, Walden Media (the production company for the Narnia films) did another fantastic job with Prince Caspian. The film lasts almost two and a half hours. Each moment of the film is great, filling the screen with amazing visuals, wonderful action and the verbal wit that only CS Lewis can add to a story with so much scriptural basis.

Also, the length of the film only helps tell every detail that was originally written in the book, only with some CGI enhancements, of course.

Recommended? Absolutely. I think I'll be seeing it one more time.


At 2:34 PM, June 01, 2008 , Blogger Hilary said...

Agreed 1000%. I saw it twice and you should too. It's BRILLIANT!


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