08 May 2008

Jesus Was An Only Son

Here's a cool article on New York Times that highlights the upcoming book "The Wine Trials", a book that set up a wine tasting with over 530 unidentified wines using 500 volunteers.

The results are not shocking, but they're still interesting. A $10 bottle of Washington Champaign was preferred more than a $150 bottle of Dom Perignon. Similarly, the Trader Joe's signature wine, Two-Buck Chuck, the cheap ($2.95 per bottle) California Cabernet Sauvignon, topped a $55 bottle of Napa Valley cabernet.

Many reviewers of the book and study seem to think that the findings will "rattle a few wine snobs." But as the old (or is it new?) saying goes, "You drink what you like." And it appears that many like the least expensive wines. Hey, so do I. And I think this is a great way to differentiate between an inexpensive wine and a "cheap" wine. I think there's a difference.


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