24 June 2008

The Rain Drops

Wow! Last night I finally watched The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and I have nothing but a rave review to give to this documentary. Director, Seth Gordon, did such an amazing job telling the story of World Gaming Champion, Billy Mitchell, and his (vindictive) quest to maintain that title and every record he'd attained in Donkey Kong.

Mitchell first set the points record for Donkey Kong in 1982, a record that held until the 21st century when the OCD and highly-driven Steve Weibe stepped into the picture with an alleged score that topped Mitchell's '82 record.

However, after much ado and slimy investigation (some of which was agreed to by Mitchell himself), Twin Galaxies - the official refereeing setup for the gaming arena - declared Weibe's score invalid. You can't make this stuff up, people.

With a driven spirit, Weibe took off to top Mitchell's long-standing record in public before member's of Twin Galaxies, one of Mitchell's disciples and a few lucky on-lookers. He did so by ending the game on what's called a "Kill Screen," the final level that Kong players reach just before the game runs out of memory and kills Mario.

I could emphatically continue to tell the story, but I would rather encourage you to rent it, Netflix it, buy it, whatever. It's well worth your time and money and you might even thank me for recommending it.


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