17 June 2008

Sur le fil

Here is my plea for everyone to seek out the documentary Surfwise . I saw it this past Sunday and with very little knowledge of the family or the story, I left the theater extremely glad that I saw it. It's the story of the Doc Paskozitz, the Jewish- American doctor and surfer who, after marrying his wife - a woman whom he fell in love with after she score over 90 on his sex test - took to living in their truck and traveling around North America.

The Paskowitz truck was soon upgraded to a 24-foot trailer, in which the family of 11 would eventually occupy. A tale that is, in and of itself, amazing.

Doc raised his children on a strict diet and daily episodes of surfing, teaching them to read and to live on little to nothing. With occasional income coming in from surf lessons Doc and his children gave, the Paskowitz lived nearly two decades in a constantly changing landscape, but a detrimentally similar

Without going into more details, you can imagine the stories that come from the this and they are great stories that are wonderfully presented in this documentary. I recommend it and hope that you'll find in at the rental store or on Netflix.

Here's a preview:


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