25 October 2008

I don't really dance much

Today President Bush spoke a few words of such heart-warming encouragement. He encouraged us to be patient in these times of a struggling economy. That's so kind of him to encourage us. It was even kinder that he was so fervently pushing to have an insane bailout pushed through congress to avoid the economy going further into the crapper. That's worked out nicely.

I especially loved that he mentioned that now is not the time for nations to abandon open market policies or approve changes that would threaten free enterprise.

Hmmm...I thought open market policies were to let the strong and smart survive and the ones who make mistakes fail. I though free enterprise allowed business and the free market to regulate itself. Well, I'm glad that Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and Pres. Bush decided not to approve those changes.

I'm possibly feeling annoyed and sarcastic this morning.


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