26 September 2009

One for the Shareholder

After a wonderful trip to Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland (photos here) I was exposed to some great music. Much was bands and artists that I had heard a lot about. After all, the really good music eventually finds its way to the US, right? Well, I had seen the name, The Bear Quartet, several times prior, but had never heard any music and could not have even told you that they were Swedish.

After a trip to Pet Sounds Music in Stockholm, I was told that I had to check The Bear Quartet out. I wasn't told what they sounded like, but a couple of employees at Pet Sounds assured me that I'd like 'em.

And... I do. The album, 89, is awesome. Stay with me on this, but I'm going to attempt to describe their sound. Of course, you can check it out yourself, but what can you expect? If I were to try to nail it down, I'd say that you'll hear a bit Interpol, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Band of Horses, Muse and The Hives.

So, here's the plan. You check it out, give it some listens and see if I'm way off or if you have some other ideas for how to describe it. Either way you call it, the record is bold, unique and will keep you on your toes from track to track.


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