12 January 2010

Everybody That Was Hanging Out

New York, I Love You is easily one of the most romantic films of last year. And by "romantic" I do not mean Romantic Comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. It's simply romantic the way that poets like Keates, Blake and Wordsworth were romantic. Not gushy and sappy, but rather desperately passionate and deeply beautiful. And full of wonder and curiosity brought on by a city and a person and a circumstance.

The film is produced by the same folks who brought us 2006's Paris, Je t'aime and is the story of many writers, directors and actors. It's a compilation of short films that tell the story of people in a city (particularly a city that inspires love and romance). And each film is completely independent of the next, but there's a connective theme that holds them together as one.

Some of the talent that contributed to New York is some of the best in the biz. Bradley Cooper, Ethan Hawke, Cloris Leachman, Chris Cooper, Andy Garcia, Orlando Bloom and Natalie Portman (who also contributed as a writer and director of a short) all shared their talents in this collage of beautiful stories. And their passion, talent and dedication is evident in every scene.

If you saw and loved Paris, Je T'aime, then this one is a must. It's likely that it'll be something to get on DVD since it's limited theatrical release was this past October and is only still lingering in small, art-house theaters. But it's worth seeking out.



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