12 December 2009

Who Controls the Past, Now Controls the Future

Rage Against The Machine - Testify from finblogger.ru on Vimeo.

This is an oldie but a goodie and ten years after Rage Against the Machine release The Battle of Los Angeles, the songs still have a very relevant and brutal message.

I remember the days that I loved Rage's music. I loved it a lot. But the message and propaganda was lost in my youthful bliss (read also: ignorance). But going back and listening to old records and watching their videos it's crazy to realize that a lot of what they were so pissed off about is still ever-present in our country and in this world today.

Rage, by no means, was telling a new story or preaching a new message. Heck, going back to early Bob Dylan, that message or protest was sung. But with a more modern approach, Rage really told it like it was. And they were right: the men with mansions and mercades are not the ones who are going to fix things. Yet we still put or trust and hope in them.

I'm curious to hear other thoughts about this song/video and discuss any others that come to your mind. Let's converse, eh?


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