24 October 2009

Throwing Caution to the Wind*

Last week I checked out Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. I'd read several great reviews and a handful of not so favorable reviews prior to seeing it, but I went in with an open mind and an understanding that Jonze is quite the artistic perfectionist.

Despite the few distractions from anxious children in the audience, I was completely enthralled. Visually and emotionally. The lead, Max (played by Max Records), was a fantastic choice for the role. His ability to balance strength and valor with a youthful vulnerability and emotional fragility was nearly perfect. And his relationship and interaction with the wild things was - I feel - the way author, Maurice Sendak, intended it to be.

In conjunction with a great story and great acting was the visual awesomeness of the film. The wild things were created with such care and perfection that it becomes easy to imagine them as completely real. Their bodies move with such grace and their eyes perfectly express every emotion that they're feeling in a given moment. And the sets used on Max's magical island were outstanding. The fort, the wild things' "homes" and the miniature fort built by Carol were all created with such care and attention to detail. And with a realness that kept me engaged.

All of those things paired with Karen O's contribution to the score and soundtrack made for a film that I'd say was pretty stinkin' great. This is one not to be missed in the theater. And if you've seen it and have thoughts, let's hear 'em.

* A new thing I'll be doing is citing my post titles and hopefully connecting you to good tunes. This post title comes from Come & Live Artists, Sons of God


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