14 October 2009

Oh God, what have we done? We've created a monster.

I feel badly. There's not really a lot of interesting stuff to report as of late. Sure, I can bring up the health care battle, but there's not a lot to say that hasn't been said by every Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or NeoCon. I could talk about how the Tennessee Titans have started the season off with a five-game losing streak (even the Lions have won a game already. Ouch). I could talk about the weeks on end with no good, new music released (aside from the new Mew record, mind you). Heck, I could even talk about the fact Jon Stewart invited Ron Paul on his show to talk about his book End The Fed and even - in a weird kind of way - applauded him for his efforts.

But honestly, all of that stuff is a little boring. I even thought Ron Paul and Jon Stewart would provide a little bit of fair-game fireworks. But no. It's just lacking interest.

So, I bring you to an awkward dramatic-comedy, Lymelife. It's a film I missed in the theaters and one I was anxious to see after reading mixed reviews (I've come to trust mixed reviews more so than even wholly bad or very good reviews. Maybe it adds a bit of honesty. I'm not really sure).

It stars Alec Baldwin, Timothy Hutton, Keiran and Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts. And it's fantastic. Honestly, I wish I could suffer through a few bad films for a bit, because I feel very lucky having seen so many great ones recently. I wish I had some bad news to report on the film front, but I don't. I'll say that's a good thing I guess.

Anyway, the film takes you through the broken lives of two Long Island families in the early 80's. One patriarch, Timothy Hutton, is suffering from Lyme Disease, lying to his family about going on job interviews and watching idly as his wife cheats on him with family #2's father/husband (Baldwin).

It doesn't sound so comic, but the humor shines through in really brilliant and unexpected ways. The Culkin brothers - who actually play brothers in the film....duh - have such a wonderful big brother / little brother dynamic (naturally) and Emma Roberts is a perfect fit for a thick-skinned Long Island high school girl. And while the film doesn't really come to an intense climax, the elements all together simply work and work well. And (as if he's not great enough) Alec Baldwin really does shine as a dramatic actor in this one.

It's worth the 90 minutes of your life to check out. And you can catch a quick preview from the link above.


At 9:07 PM, October 23, 2009 , Blogger Stephen P Bohn said...

let's hear it for those lions, by the way.


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