11 November 2009

It's Making Perfect Sense

Many apologies for the lag time. It's been a whirlwind lately. But in the midst of that proverbial whirlwind, I did get to check out the film, Bronson, at my favorite local film house, The Belcourt. I had little familiarity with the story or the person, Michael Peterson (or as he renamed himself, Charles Bronson. Because he wanted a name with a Hollywood, touch-guy quality). And I was more attentive knowing that I needed to really follow this insane man's journey to become Britain's most famous prisoner.

Lead actor, Tom Hardy, took on the role of Charlie Bronson and is one of the best lead role performances I've seen in the last year or two. I can remember being wowed at Forrest Whitaker's role as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland in the same way.

I'm sure it can't be easy when portraying a person who actually exists. Especially one who is completely mad like Bronson is. But it's done wonderfully and with much gusto. And while there's not much more to the movie than the bits of the story that make Bronson's story so intriguing, it's one to see and to really appreciate Hardy's performance.


The title of this post is from Deas Vail's new record, Birds & Cages. A record that came out quite nicely.


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