26 October 2009

Her Heart Was Like A Tomb

I just read a great article on Politico. It very simply outlines how a mandatory health plan is simply unconstitutional. I found it very easy to read; much more cut and dry than the plan on whitehouse.gov.

Now, I'm not here to say, "down with Obama" or "screw the democrats," but I do believe that there's a right way to handle universal health care and do think that it would be a good thing for this country. But universal health care is much different than government mandated health care. I strongly feel that what the administration is presenting and what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are so avidly fighting for is the wrong route for this country.

The current system (like so many other things in the country) is mostly flawed and in need of some change. But I feel like the "change we can believe in" is heavily flawed at least as far as the health care bill goes (oh, and that whole Iraq / Afghanistan thing).

I do digress, but form your own opinions. Read, research and make sure you know exactly what's going on.


I recently got to see The Gaslight Anthem live in Nashville and was thoroughly impressed. Great band and great tunes all around.


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