07 December 2009

You Howl, You Growl

Everyone knows that one of my musical obsessions (and possibly my biggest musical influence) is sigur rós. Everything they've done; all the music they've created has been done with so much purpose and with a goal of achieving a true sonic beauty. Recently I posted about somewhat of a side project from lead singer/guitarist, Jónsi, Riceboy Sleeps. This project with partner, Alex, was a bold step into a musical world of deeper ethereal sounds and little structure. Not to mention no lyrics. It is, however, beautiful and pleasing.

Now, Jónsi has taken an even bolder step in a project that is wholly his own. Simply named Jónsi, the project moves away from the wide open, ambiguous sounds of Riceboy Sleeps and jumps into more of a driving sound (although the coming record is reportedly mostly soft acoustic).

From the previous link, you may download the first single, Boy Lilikoi. The song actually surprised me with its upfront intensity and the depth of the song. And holding to his form, Jónsi brings some complicated and gorgeous orchestral elements to the song adding to the overall urgency and excitement in the song.

Personally, I find it extremely rare to find a song that grabs you immediately as this one did. Everything from the overall chord progressions, the amazing depth of background vocals and the drive of timpani drums lends to the aforementioned excitement. It's truly a song that carries an air of celebration, joy and passion. It's a song that makes you feel happy about your life. And, for me, it's an honest reminder that life is good.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the entire record release. Enjoy.


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