05 June 2010

Fur Lined

With so many horrible things happening around the globe right now - Oil in our beautiful gulf, the fall of the Euro, Israeli diplomacy at its worst, stocks dive bombing - it's high time to take a step away and enjoy some new (and wonderfully heavy) music.

recently released their latest album, Diamond Eyes. And for a band that's been together for 20 years, they still know how to bring the heaviness and keep it fresh. The track Rocket Skates gives listeners a wonderful riff that will stick with you for days. Check out their site with the link above to listen.

Also, check out Trent Reznor's new project, How to Destroy Angels. Reznor brought his wife, Mariqueen, into the mix as vocalist and what came out is pretty great.

The album carries with it the obvious Nine Inch Nails musical aspects, but adding Mariqueen's vocals to the mix gives Reznor's musical efforts a breath of fresh life. The entire EP is a free download on their site where you can also check out their ominous (and very dark) video for The Space in Between.

For the softer side, check out The National's newest effort High Violet. It's a beautiful record, extremely smart and a great summer release. Also, check out their video for the first sings, Bloodbuzz Ohio.


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