04 December 2010

God Can Be Funny

We live in a time where music and art are consistently moving away from grandeur and fluff to a place of perfect simplicity and - for the most part - lack of ego. This, however, does not seem to be the case for alt-rock pretty boys, 30 Seconds to Mars, whose newest video for their single, "Hurricane" is one of the most absurd attempts at combining art and music period. 

There are some that - like The Examiner -  tend to disagree with that sentiment, going so far as actually appreciating that the video (which some are calling a film) "is deeply rich in symbols and is divided into three acts “Birth, Life and Death”

While others like the sharp-tongued and highly-satirical folks over at Hipster Runoff pose the question, "Is the new Jared Leto video the 'biggest piece of poop' ever created as 'art' in the history of the world?" and stating, " Feel really bad 4 the band for spending so much time making such a big piece of poop. Has 2 be embarrassing. Feels like some1 shoulda told them "damn bros... this shit looks kinda ghey.'"

And above all, it appears that band is feeding off of the censorship that is being imposed on the film for its sexually graphic imagery. Leto recently - in some form of rebellion? - lashed out at MTV on his blog by posting an explicit photo that MTV had forced to be censored. But it's unclear why the band is upset over cable tv channels censoring what would essentially add up to an R or NC17 rating if this were actually a film. Maybe it's part of their maniacal plan along along?

Anyway, the video is full of Leto's ego (in the form of him running around shirtless and getting pretty freaky with beautiful women) and a completely sophomoric story line. Check it out for yourself and let the comments fly. 


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