30 January 2006

There's light outside, there's life outside

Apple has just made the life of a college student even easier than it was before. They have introduced a program that will offer podcasts of class lectures and other important information which will be downloadable to an Ipod.

If this was around when I was in school I would have never gone to class. I would have slept till noon, then while reading the paper over breakfast I would have listened to what I missed on my Ipod. If I needed to take notes I could pause, fast forward and rewind at my leisure.

This is a great tool for students to use practically and not just to become slackers like I would have. I just think it's really amazing what Apple is coming up with these days. Not to mention they've just switched to using Intel chips in their computers which makes them two to four times faster than the G processor chips.

And is Mike Piazza really worth what he's getting from the San Diego Padres???


At 5:10 PM, January 30, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey patrick--it's randi...i always miss you when you pop into my head..how are you??

At 6:32 AM, January 31, 2006 , Blogger Patrick Copeland said...

Randi...you're the best!

I'm really good. Blessed like you wouldn't believe


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