07 June 2007

I can't do this on my own

I typically prefer purchasing a CD from a record store to having a burned copy or the iTunes version of a particular record. There are certain things like unwrapping the shrink-wrapped jewel case or digi-pack, breaking out the liner notes and seeing art that (usually) fits perfectly with the music and having a beautiful CD to have in my case along with all of my other pretty discs.

Every once in a while a record comes along that has packaging, art and design that is truly second to none. Last night I purchased the new Circa Survive record "On Letting Go" with the anticipation of having an artistically pleasing CD cover and 12 tracks of great guitar work accompanied by only temporarily tolerable vocals. When I got to the point of opening the record I was floored with awe in how impressive, fantastic, wonderful the artwork and design of this record is.

Just to let you know, I am huge fan of a stock sleeve in conjunction with the jewel case. Many people just toss these, because they are a hassle and prevent you from getting to the music sooner. Some agree that it's not nearly as cost-effective to have that element added to the overall product as it is being developed. Other, still, just pay no attention to it.

I, on the other hand, appreciate this to no end. The addition of this sleeve only adds to the "personal value" of the record, meaning that I would never want to let this record go and I want every piece of it to stay just the way it is.

Aside from a beautifully designed sleeve and graphically pleasing art, I was in utter shock when I opened the jewel case to find the 15 or so pages of the liner booklet. I could carry on for days about how the concentric circles cut out of the pages make for an interesting flip through.

Ok, that's enough about that. I just wanted to convey the personal importance of a great design for a record.

**Have a great Thursday


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