15 June 2007

I wanna hold your hand

Aside from the fact that I just wanted to post this simply because it makes LeBron James and Tim Duncan look like boyfriends, I decided I would chime in on some sports. Particularly the NBA finals.

The only NBA game I've watched all season was last night's final game in which the Spurs manhandled the Cavs in a 4-game sweep. The pure fact that the Cavs could not even contend with the Spurs makes me concerned for the state of professional basketball today. Now, I will remind you that I have not watched one single game this year until last night, but I have kept my head in "the know" through the wonderful espn.com and Sportscenter.

My concern is only (in my mind) justified by the fact that the Cavs made it all the way to the NBA finals by defeating some of the (seemingly) best teams in the league, yet could not even come close to winning one game in the finals. It makes me questions the rest of the league...the Cavs other competition.

Maybe it just means that the Spurs are just "that good." Maybe I have just lost my love of the game since there are only a handful of pure players in the league. But I really have to assume that, due to the Cavs terrible game play in the finals, that every other team they've defeated along the way must be simply awful.

I'll stick with watching baseball.


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