30 October 2008


Here is a very interesting (and disheartening) article. It's a brief look at Rob Simpson's book, What We Could Have Done With the Money: 50 Ways to Spend the Trillion Dollars We've Spent on Iraq.

All of the stats are fascinating, but there's certain points such as the fact that for the one trillion dollars spent on the Iraq war the government could buy 16.6 million Habitat for Humanity houses, enough for 43 million Americans. And in the interest of breaking this country of our insane debt addiction we could could pay off every American's credit card. Amazing, although, personally I feel that people should be responsible for their own debts (ahem, AIG, Fannie, Freddy, everyone).

Anyway, check out the article and the website http://www.whatwecouldhavedonewiththemoney.com/ You won't even come close to being able to spend all that dough.


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