26 November 2008

Raised by the Tide

In the "best of" issue of Risen Magazine you can find a slew of really cool interviews. One of the interviews is with a man I respect a lot - Billy Corgan. When asked, "What would be a typical prayer for you?" Corgan stated, "There's this beautiful prayer that someone taught me recently. It's, um - 'I am as God created me, I cannot change my dwelling place. I'm now releasing and surrendering to God any imperfection that I've experienced of will experience. Jesus Christ is my light, my life, my love, my peace, my health, my joy, my vitality, my purity, my unity, my perfection and my freedom.'"

Coming from anyone that prayer is inspiring, but coming from Billy Corgan, a prayer like that seems to ring a little bit differently; a bit more impacting. Perhaps, a lot more honest.


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