21 November 2008

Returning Empty Handed

I had the pleasure of watching the DVD release of the Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There. Writer/director, Todd Haynes had the intuition and, well, skill to re-tell an intertwining version of the life of Dylan through six different and very unusual characters (shown in the photo above).

The story covers most of Dylan's life up until the 80's somewhere, but details everything from his very public friendships and relationships to his short-lived acting career. His family life - wife and children - are covered in the form of Heath Ledger and Charlotte Gainsbourg who do an amazing job portraying Dylan and wife.

The intertwined stories take a little while to start piecing together as they jump from one part of Dylan's life to another, but I think if you're going to cover the life of Bob Dylan you have to do it in a very non-traditional way and that is done extremely well in this film.


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