08 December 2008

Wrong Body

Make haste to rent or see or buy Let the Right One In. A Swedish, vampire film set in the midst of a snowy winter in Sweden, this film is one of the best I've seen in a long time and definitely one of the best in the vampire/thriller genre. And the film keeps true to the vampire in making sure that in this case Eli - the vampire and female lead - does not see her own reflection and keeps tightly out of sight of any rays of sunlight.

Every aspect of the movie - the lighting, the sound, the cinematography, the sporadic dialogue - combine to make the film tense, beautifully suspenseful and often times oddly romantic. Let me justify that last description. The film - while ultimately a true vampire film - includes the sub-plot of a true romance between the boy (Oskar) and the vampire (Eli). And, while they're still adolescent pre-teens, the truth and purity of their love is undeniably romantic.

Check out the official trailer HERE and make sure to add it to your Netflix cue or head to half.com and purchase it there. If you're a believer in good vampire movie or just good movies in general, then Let the Right One In will do the trick.


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