01 September 2005

God does not play dice

The scenes from New Orleans look to be truly chaotic. There is no sense of control. There is no sense of relief and it seems so crazy when just a state away people are going about their normal daily lives. People in New Orleans are acting barbaric and well outside of the means of survival. All medical evactuations were suspended this morning when shots were fired at a military helicopter outside of the Superdome. Story Here. There is absolutely no reason to be firing at at anyone or anything who is aiding in the evacuation proceedure. All of these gun gangs and desperate people are going to run out of options very soon. Being territorial in New Orleans is useless because it is a major health risk with anything and everything floating in the waters and supplies and resources for survival are running out.

Two points I found very interesting about the whole thing is that many of the people who were financially unable to evacuate in time were mostly of the lowest income demographic and were on government financial support which comes at the first of each month. But with the disaster coming in the last week of the month, many of these people who rely on government checks had no money to evacuate.

Another interesting point I heard was that if you lay a topographic map over a socio-economic map of New Orleans, the lowest income neighborhoods and housing are at the lowest elevations (see: sea level) and the higher elevations were where the upper and middle class neighborhoods were built. I just thought that was interesting point.

In more positive news, Price Fielder (formerly of the Nashville Sounds) of the Milwaukee Brewers smashed a walk-off homerun to beat the Pirates in the 9th. My St. Louis Cardinals also gave the Florida Marlins a good ole' fashion whoopin' beating them 10-5.


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