16 February 2006

hey satan

So I was lucky enough to see Sigur Ros on Valentine's Day at the amazing Ryman Auditorium. This was my third time to see them perform live and each time has been amazing. The thing about them is that they don't just make beautiful music. They are flawless musicians who know how to use their instruments in unique was and are so smart about how to combine sounds to make this wonderful music.

The performace was plagued with several technical difficulties, but the band, having amazing musicianship, made the music perfect despite the troubles on stage. I hesitate to say that the performace was perfect, but it was not far off. I could honestly go on for a while about the performace, the music and the musicians, but I will spare all the details. But I do think that it's an amazing thing when you can leave a concert and have to take several hours to process what you just witnessed and how truly amazing that was.

In other music I've been enjoying lately, Stellastar has been bringing joy to my ears. Also The Decemberists, Pedro the Lion, twothirtyeight and Jonezetta have all been making frequent plays in my player.

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