08 February 2006

When you're seventeen

Apparently a group of scientists landed on an island near Indonesia that had no signs of ever having human on the island. They found several new species of frogs and other animals, but still they found no trails, no evidence that any people had ever been there. They are calling is a "Lost World." It all sounds very Hollywood and it blows my mind that there is one bit of earth that had been untouched by humans until recently. I mean we've had people go to the most distant points of the North and South Pole, but a little island in Asia has been left untouched.

I've been spending a lot of time on Pandora. This is an amazing website that allows you to create radio stations based on song or artist preferences and it will play music by those artists as well as music that is similar. You can add several bands to each station and each time a song comes up you can find more information on it or chose to download it from Itunes. And it plays until you make it stop. It's a great tool to read to or work to. I'm currently listening to the station with The Verve and Muse. It's kind of awesome.

Why is the NBA so boring?


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