03 March 2006

You want to throw down?

Last night on ABC Primetime a story aired about the Laterday Saints (Mormon) sect in Colorado City, CO. It was really hard to watch and frustrated me to no end that an entire city, from merchants to police force, can be so terribly wrong about life.

Every person in the town held to strict beliefs and rules of Mormonism and polygamy. It was so scray to see every person dressed as many would in the early 1900's walking around town with typically more than 8 or 9 children. The woman who was featured had escaped the town and her husband who was also married to her sister. They all lived under the same roof and when the woman decided that the situation was wrong, her husband had her committed to a mental hospital (4 times to be exact).

All of that and she was the daughter of a man with 54 children and 7 or more wives who molested nearly all of his daughters when they were younger, because he believed that it was his right and duty as a man (according to Mormonism).

Anyway, it's crazy and the leader of the sect (the proclaimed "Prophet of God") is in hiding becuase he is wanted by the FBI on hundreds of charges.

Needless to say...let's not hang out in Colorado City.


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