20 April 2006

I'm barely listening

So I was thinking that between Birmingham and Nashville there have been / are some amazing bands. I mean really talented people. I thought I'd list them

Haste - one of the most overlooked metal-rock bands ever
Death or El Dona - an amazing punk band
Crimial Mischief - these guys were great and ended way too soon
Plate Six - one of the most creative and artistic bands around
Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death - another great heavy music band. Amazing live show
Gainer - another amazing punk band
Old American Dream - not the most original, but simply amazing
Last Flight In - at their peak they were on top of the game.
Lasting Value - as far as Ska bands, they were one of the best around
Kiss Vegas Goodbye - they were ahead of the hardcore game
Comrade - simply amazing
Maylene and the sons of Disaster - one of the most fun live shows around
None but Burning - just good music

The Sincerity Guild - one of the most creative instrumental bands ever.
Celebrity - some of the best songwriting around
Forget Casettes - just great
Ben Crist - some of the best and most creative worship music around
The Class of 98 - they will be huge very soon. Trust me
Shirock - great 80s influenced rock
Apollo Up
De Novo Dahl
Death Comes to Matteson
The Golden Sound - artistic and amazing
The Lonely Hearts - great americana
Redflecks - I can't get enough of these guys

So I guess I'm just lucky enough to have been able to and am still able to experience this great music on a regular basis.


At 3:26 PM, April 21, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever, Patrick. I hate you.

Erin Hardesty

At 8:26 PM, April 28, 2006 , Blogger Matt said...

You forgot Love is Red, sweetcheeks.


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